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S. López Roda

In our interest to reach out to our products and our desire to know more about our company, we created this <span style=”color: #9c2342;”>new website</span>. In this way we get a new channel of communication with our customers and all who want to know us better. Especially, we want that the confidence they place in us, is based on the certainty of the casings that we offer are of the highest quality to suit your need and sausages that quality and consistency are maintained over time.
You will find very interesting information about natural casings knowing the characteristics of each. We wanted to include a section that is a little history in the world of natural casings and how and were used long ago. Will also learn how we develop our work, what are our objectives and our commitment to customers.
I sincerely hope that they find interesting and useful, and allow them to know us better, because it is the goal that has done this work.


What do we do?

More than 50 years of experience in the natural casings sector. Regularity in service and very demanding quality controls. Learn about our products and production process.


Sheep Casings

Lamb casings are the highest quality for narrow sausages.

They are very elastic and resistant, supporting the entire stuffing and tying process.


Hog Casings

Hog intestines are ideal for fresh and wider smoked sausages.+
Due to their strength and elasticity, they allow greater pressure when filling and are subjected to processes such as cooking and drying.

Beef Casings

Depending on the product we want to manufacture, we will use a certain caliber and quality.

First of all, we have the Fine Ox Tripe. And secondly, we have the Straight Tripe or Roscal.

Natural Casings

We offer you natural casings of the best quality that adapt to what your sausages need.


100% quality

Given the complexity of natural casings, what customers value most is the regularity in the service and quality of the casings.

How do we do it?

López Roda - Tripas Naturales
López Roda - Tripas Naturales
López Roda - Tripas Naturales
López Roda - Tripas Naturales
López Roda - Tripas Naturales
López Roda - Tripas Naturales
López Roda - Tripas Naturales

The quality
of natural



Roda Casings Company

Our production center is located in the Alexandria free zone in Egypt. It was born in 2007 from the idea of advancement and growth of
David and Sebastián López.

López Roda


Islas Baleares 46 Bis – Nave 3
Pol. Ind. Fuente del Jarro
46988 Paterna (Valencia) – Spain