Environmental policy

In the quest to offer the highest quality, S. LOPEZ RODA, S.L, dedicated to the production and distribution of natural casings for sausages, understands that respect for the environment is essential and therefore establishes the following guidelines as an Environmental Policy:< /p>

– Comply with the legal requirements on environmental matters, as well as with all voluntary requirements on environmental matters that our organization subscribes to.

– Prevent pollution associated with our activity by both improving the management of waste, discharges and emissions, as well as their minimization.

For this reason, from now on the company has a photovoltaic installation that will generate enough energy for our self-consumption with renewable energy and thus achieving zero CO2 emissions.

We are committed to minimizing the generation of waste derived from our activity, especially the waste water with salt that is generated in the development of our activity. To do this, we separate the discharge at source, having carried out the necessary works in the plant in which we separate the pipes into two. The drains from the processing area end up in a sealed tank that stores the waste and is later removed by a management company. Efficiently managing discharges.

– Carry out environmental management with a preventive approach and make rational use of the resources it uses.
– Continuously improve our environmental behavior and the performance of our system processes of environmental management, in the field of technological and economic possibilities.

López Roda


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