Why natural casings?

Why natural casings?

Our handling and selection processes are very demanding. The search, selection and obtaining of that product that is capable of satisfying 100% of our customers’ expectations is our maximum concern, and only natural casings will allow them to produce the best meat products, due to their special qualities:

Natural casings, due to their qualities of elasticity, permeability and resistance, provide very important values for sausages, appreciated by both the manufacturer and the consumer.

1.- Thanks to its permeability, the smoke penetration is complete and allows the progressive drying of the product.

2.- Let the sausage “breathe”, enhancing the aroma and keeping the sausage fresher and juicier.

3.- Retractability, the casing accompanies the sausage taking its shape, ensuring its presentation.

4.- The natural casing protects the flavor and enhances it since, when cooked, it allows the interaction of the different flavors of the sausage and its seasonings.

5.- Excellent elasticity and resistance characteristics, essential to withstand the pressure of the sausage and which make it possible to obtain maximum performance for manufacturers

6.- The consumer notices the softness of the bite and gives great importance to the artisanal and natural values that the tripe provides.



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